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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Name City State Coach T I
*All Star Squad - ECR NA OK Kevin Vincent 1 6
*All Star Squad - EOR NA OK Jim O'Dea 1 6
*All Star Squad - NWR NA OK Susan Pacey 1 6
*All Star Squad - SWR NA OK Inju Snyder 1 6
*Altamont Grade School (Altamont, KS) Altamont KS Suzette Rakestraw 1 6
*Altus Jr. High School (Altus, OK) Altus OK Cathy Gover 1 6
*Altus Jr. High School (Altus, OK) Altus OK Cathy Gover 1 6
*American Heritage School (Plantation, FL) Plantation FL Nora Demosthenes 1 2
*American Preparatory Academy (Draper, UT) Draper UT Julean Stewart 1 6
*Ames Middle School (Ames, IA) Ames IA Robert Alden 1 1
*Amity Middle School (Bethany, CT) Bethany CT Andrea Fleischman 1 6
*Anacortes Middle School (Anacortes, WA) Anacortes WA Jonna Dunham 1 6
*Anchorage Public School (Anchorage, KY) Anchorage KY Melissa Sangster 1 0
*Andover West Middle School (Andover, MA) Andover MA Ji Wu 1 6
*Andrew Lewis Middle School (Salem, VA) Salem VA Matthew Dunham 1 6
*Aptakisic Junior High School (Buffalo Grove, IL) Buffalo Grove IL Hanna Yang 1 6
*Archimedean Middle Conservatory (Miami, FL) Miami FL Rhodia Constantinidou 1 0
*Arendell Parrott Academy (Kinston, NC) NA NC McLawhorn Tonya 1 6
*Ascension Academy (Amarillo, TX) Amarillo TX Nirmala Narasimhan 1 0
*Ashbrook Independent School (Corvallis, OR) Corvallis OR Paul Hunt 0 1
*Ashe County Middle School (Boone, NC) NA NC Leeann Cronk 1 6
*Asheville Home School Math Club (Asheville, NC) Asheville NC Edna Tokay 1 6
*Asheville Middle School (Asheville, NC) Asheville NC Celia Melville 1 6
*Ashland Middle Schoo (Ashland, KY) Ashland KY Jaiyme Peterman 1 1
*Aspire Middle School (Lacey, WA) Lacey WA June Dhamers 1 6