Best Friends Forever

November 17, 2014

Ailee, Bailey, Camie and Demi grew up on the same street and have been best friends since elementary school. The girls are all different ages ranging from 14 to 17 years old. Bailey is younger than Camie, but older than Demi. Demi, who is not 15 years old, is a year younger than Ailee. What is Ailee’s age?


Each girl participates in a different one of four extracurricular activities: cheerleading, field hockey, softball and basketball. Camie does not play field hockey or basketball. Neither Bailey nor Demi plays softball. Ailee participates in an activity that does not utilize a ball. Bailey participates in an activity that typically takes place indoors. In which extracurricular activity does Bailey participate?


Ailee, Bailey, Camie and Demi have decided to try something new. So next month, all four girls will attend a week-long golf camp at a local university. While attending the golf camp, the girls will stay in separate rooms in the same dorm. The four consecutive rooms to which the girls have been assigned are adjoining rooms 101 and 102 and adjoining rooms 103 and 104.  Bailey and Camie have not be assigned to adjoining rooms. There is one room between Ailee’s and Bailey’s assigned rooms. Demi’s assigned room number is prime. What is the sum of Camie’s and Demi’s assigned room numbers?