Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2014

In honor of this week’s holiday, try your hand at these Thanksgiving themed problems. Enjoy!

Griffin is making a turkey decoration to give to his mom. He traced his hand on construction paper and then cut out the shape. Next he plans to attach a feather to each of the four fingers on the cutout which will be the tail feathers of the turkey (his thumb will be the head of the turkey.) Griffin has a bag of red feathers, a bag of orange feathers and a bag of yellow feathers. If each bag contains 10 identical feathers, in how many distinct ways can he decorate the four fingers of his cutout? Red, yellow, yellow, orange is one such way to include.


Every year, Griffin’s mom cooks a Thanksgiving Day feast that includes macaroni and cheese, green beans, sweet potatoes, dressing, rolls and, of course, turkey. But Griffin’s favorite part of the meal happens to be the olive tray. This year, the olive tray contained same number of green olives and black olives, and Griffin was the first to select from the tray. After he took eight green olives, the ratio of green olives to black olives was 3:5.  How many total olives were on the tray before Griffin took his olives?


Griffin’s mom also baked an incredible homemade pumpkin pie. After cutting eight equal slices (sectors) from the round pie, exactly 1/3 of the pie remained. What was the degree measure of the central angle of each of the eight slices of pie?